ferfar-design-burst-pucker-1 Design with unstoppable momentum
ferfar-design-burst-pucker-2 Ferfar : Elevating design, accelerating growth
ferfar-design-burst-pucker-3 Design with unstoppable momentum
ferfar-design-burst-pucker-4 Ferfar : Elevating design, accelerating growth

SME Cargo Pvt. Ltd.

SME Cargo Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovation in the logistics and freight industry, powered by cutting-edge technology. This forward-looking company specializes in tech-enabled courier solutions that cater to specific client needs. In a marketplace marked by uncertainty and complexity, SME Cargo rises to the challenge by offering tailor-made logistic solutions that streamline operations, reduce inventory, and enhance overall competitiveness. With an expansive and dependable network, they provide customers with cost-effective solutions that not only save money but also enhance customer satisfaction.

In its pursuit of excellence, SME Cargo Pvt. Ltd. joined hands with Ferfar Design LLP for a project that aimed to encapsulate their commitment to exceptional service through packaging design. Ferfar Design undertook the task of designing and producing a Diwali Gift-box, intended to convey warmth, festivity, and the company's distinctive identity. With a vision to imprint a lasting impression on their clients, SME Cargo entrusted Ferfar Design to create a package design that harmonized seamlessly with their brand ethos.


SME Cargo Pvt. Ltd.




Diwali Gift-Box Design




The challenge

The challenge was twofold: to translate SME Cargo's advanced logistic solutions into an engaging and visually appealing packaging design, and to do so while capturing the essence of Diwali – a festival that symbolizes the spirit of giving and celebration.

The design needed to not only resonate with the brand's identity but also evoke the festive sentiment while conveying professionalism and modernity. It required a blend of cultural symbolism, corporate professionalism, and artistic flair.

The solution

Ferfar Design rose to the occasion by meticulously crafting a Diwali Gift-box design that captured both the essence of the festival and the professionalism of SME Cargo. The design seamlessly blended festive elements with the company's identity, resulting in a packaging that radiated warmth, happiness, and reliability. The final design encapsulated Diwali's spirit of giving while symbolizing SME Cargo's commitment to exceptional service. With an eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Ferfar Design delivered a packaging solution that transcended expectations.

The collaboration between SME Cargo Pvt. Ltd. and Ferfar Design illuminated the art of marrying cultural sentiment with brand identity. The Diwali Gift-box not only became a conduit of festive joy but also an embodiment of SME Cargo's values. By entrusting Ferfar Design with this project, SME Cargo celebrated not just Diwali, but the essence of their brand itself.

We have uploaded the entire case study on Behance, so please take a look to explore the in-depth details of our successful collaboration with SME Cargo Pvt. Ltd.