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Vayu is not just a brand; it's a sensory experience crafted with innovation and tradition. As a local Indian brand, Vayu specializes in creating exquisite incense sticks that captivate the senses. With a unique twist, Vayu infuses its products with the essence of cow gober, bringing together tradition and innovation in a single aromatic journey. Their range of incense sticks offers a diverse array of flavors, each carefully curated to uplift and soothe the atmosphere. Vayu is more than just incense; it's a journey of fragrances that connect the present with the past.

Ferfar Design LLP embarked on a creative journey with Vayu to visually capture the essence of their innovative incense sticks. The collaboration sought to translate Vayu's commitment to tradition, innovation, and fragrance into captivating package designs. Ferfar Design was entrusted with the task of encapsulating the brand's essence in visual form, enhancing the appeal of their products through package designs that would resonate with their audience.






Package Design




The challenge

Designing package designs that not only reflect the uniqueness of Vayu's products but also communicate their brand values was the central challenge. The designs needed to evoke a sensory experience, capturing the essence of the incense sticks' flavors and the innovative touch of cow gober infusion.

The challenge lay in creating package designs that would stand out on the shelves, convey Vayu's dedication to tradition and innovation, and invite customers to embark on a fragrant journey.

The solution

Ferfar Design LLP approached the challenge with a combination of creativity and strategic design thinking. They delved into Vayu's brand identity, exploring the interplay between tradition and innovation. The package designs they crafted were not just containers; they were vessels of fragrance, tradition, and modernity. Through meticulous color choices, typography, and visual elements, the designs captured the essence of each incense stick flavor and the touch of cow gober. The result was package designs that harmoniously blended tradition and innovation while inviting customers to indulge in a fragrant experience.

In collaboration with Ferfar Design LLP, Vayu achieved more than just package designs; they gained a visual identity that encapsulates the brand's values and the essence of their products. The designs serve as a visual gateway to the aromatic journey that Vayu offers. By partnering with Ferfar Design, Vayu not only received captivating package designs but also designs that harmonize tradition, innovation, and sensory delight. Through this collaboration, Vayu's products are now not just incense sticks; they are pieces of art that capture the essence of fragrance and culture.