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Namastey India

Nestled in the heart of Blackpool town centre, Namastey India is more than a restaurant; it's a culinary journey that transports patrons to the vibrant streets of India. With its roots deeply embedded in Maharashtrian and North Indian cuisine, Namastey India brings the rich tapestry of Indian flavors and traditions to discerning palates. Every dish is a manifestation of passion and expertise, crafted by chefs with over 30 years of collective experience in prestigious 5-star establishments. From the moment one steps inside Namastey India, they are greeted not only with exquisite dishes but also the warmth of Indian hospitality.

The essence of Namastey India was brought to life through a collaboration with Ferfar Design LLP. The project aimed to create an immersive brand experience that would capture the authenticity, vibrancy, and culinary excellence that Namastey India is known for. Ferfar Design was entrusted with the task of crafting an entire visual identity, from logo design to digital and print collateral. The collaboration envisioned a cohesive brand that would not only reflect the spirit of Namastey India but also resonate with the hearts of food enthusiasts.


Namastey India




Brand Creation




The challenge

Crafting a brand identity that encapsulated the richness of Indian culture and cuisine while maintaining a modern appeal was the challenge at hand. The design needed to mirror the fusion of tradition and innovation that Namastey India's menu embodies.

From menu cards to social media posts, every design element had to infuse the vibrancy of India's culinary heritage while maintaining a professional and appetizing visual language. Additionally, the design had to resonate with diverse audiences and effectively convey the authentic essence of Namastey India.

The solution

Ferfar Design embarked on the journey with creativity and precision, ensuring that every design element resonated with the authenticity that Namastey India stood for. The team meticulously designed the logo, branding materials, menu cards, posters, advertisements, flyers, and social media posts. They blended traditional Indian motifs and colors with contemporary design elements to strike a balance that was both visually appealing and culturally resonant. The result was a comprehensive brand identity that mirrored the rich flavors and warm hospitality of Namastey India.

In partnership with Ferfar Design, Namastey India's brand became a visual symphony that harmonized tradition and innovation. Each design element served as an invitation for patrons to experience the culinary wonders that Namastey India had to offer. By collaborating with Ferfar Design, Namastey India not only received design solutions; they received a visual embodiment of their culinary ethos, inviting diners to embark on a flavorful journey through India's diverse culinary landscape.